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10TH JULY 2021

Good Morning Everyone, 
if you visited us on our opening meeting of 2021 on the 4th July, we hope you enjoyed your day with us! As organised and ready as we were to start racing again, one thing we can't control is the weather. Due to the unexpected heavy downpour, our racers in their trucks and lorries, became stuck in the mud in our entrance! This then caused a huge tailback of traffic to the raceway. Some people queued for over an hour to get the track and for that we are grateful, grateful for your patience and your dedication. We can assure you, this will not happen again! so, please if the long queue put you off, or made you turn around. Try again on the 25th and I can almost promise you will have a great day! The updated government guidelines now state, NO PREBOOKING REQUIRED! We thank you all again for coming and your patience, we hope to see you and more again soon!


Good Evening Everyone! Race day is drawing ever closer and we thought we would put a short and sweet update on here for you all to answer some questions that we are getting quite a lot!
We are hoping that by July, life will have returned to a bit more normality and that we will be able to operate as usual. But, should this not be the case there will be prebooking system in place for drivers and spectators. 
Drivers, this year you will be sent an electronic drivers disclaimer sign in form. You can sign this before you arrive at the raceway. But, you will still need to come and pay and collect your wristbands at the bus.
Spectators, a prebooking system will be set up on our website. This will require you to fill in a form with contact details and the amount of people attending with you. This will the give you a booking reference or barcode. Please ensure you have printed your prebooking ticket or have your smartphone with you when you arrive at the raceway. You will not be able to enter the raceway unless you have prebooked or filled out a contact form on arrival. Please use the service on the website where possible to decrease traffic into the raceway. You will not be required to prepay for you tickets. Payment will be on the day only
The above is only if we are required to operate a prebooking system. If we can, then will operate as we have for the last 40 years! 
See you all on the 4th July! 


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